Garbage Truck Accidents can inflict great Damage

Garbage trucks serve an important and essential function for our society. Unfortunately, serious injuries often result when crashes occur between garbage trucks and other vehicles.

If you suffered an injury in a collision with a garbage truck, we can help. The attorneys in our firm are a team of highly trained and skilled personal injury advocates. We represent injured clients throughout the entire state of Texas. Truck accident cases are a focus of our practice. We understand and manage the complexities of these cases to obtain maximum recovery for our clients and their families.truck accident attorneys san antonio

Garbage Trucks Are Dangerous

Passenger vehicles and other motorists do not stand a chance when up against garbage trucks weighing more than 40,000 pounds. These trucks are built strong, to handle all types of trash and to compact it with powerful crushing systems. Garbage trucks contain many moving parts all working at the same time, which pose additional risk for others.

Blind spots make it difficult for truck drivers to see on the sides and behind. Garbage trucks, like few other trucks, operate mostly in residential areas. Children may be unaware of the dangers with such big trucks. Other pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists can be hurt when garbage trucks drive on the wrong side of the street, stop suddenly, back up or make other maneuvers.

The bottom line: injuries frequently occur due to garbage truck accidents. Protect your rights and get the recovery you deserve. Talk to our garbage truck accident attorneys today and learn what to do after a truck accident.

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