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There are more than 700 boating fatalities each year in the U. S. according to the National Safe Boating Council. Maritime accidents consist of any accident that occur on a boat, shipping vessels, fishing crawlers, personal watercrafts, on docks, on offshore drilling rigs, on cruise ships, and any accident that occurs on any waterway, sea, or any marine related incident.

Many boating accidents are the result of alcohol use and drowning is the leading cause of death in boating-related accidents. Near drowning often leads to lack of oxygen to the brain, which can result in severe brain damage and mental, physical, loss of income and emotional and physical injuries.

Top Deadliest Boating / Maritime Accidents Include:

Boating while intoxicated
Collision with fixed objects
Open motorboats
Personal watercraft
Cabin motorboats
Drowning or near-drowning
Pontoon boats
Sunken or capsized boats
Water skier mishaps
An Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety report found that a majority of maritime accidents occur in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, dams, and gravel pits. These places account more than 2,400 accidents and more than 300 deaths each year in the U. S.

The 2nd highest number of maritime deaths occurs in creeks, rivers, and streams. These waterways account for more than 1,000 accidents, 140 deaths, and 800 injuries each year in the U. S.
The 3rd highest number of maritime accidents occurs in bays, inlets, sounds, and harbors. These marine sanctuaries account for more than 650 accidents, 62 deaths, and 394 injuries each year in the U. S.
The 4th highest number of maritime accidents occurs is the open water of oceans and gulfs. These open water places account for 260 accidents, 40 deaths, and 130 each year in the U. S.

Maritime – Boating Accidents Verdicts

$3.5 Million Maritime Verdict: For Alaska Fisherman Head Injury caused by negligent lifting procedures.
$1 Million Maritime Settlement: Slip & fall settlement for a factory trawler’s defective stairs resulting in permanent back injuries for worker.
$1 Million Jones Act Settlement: For a fractured skull caused by 3 foot pipe that fell from crane causing brain Injury to Tugboat Deckhand $3.5 million
$1.1 Million Jones Act Recovery: For a seaman injured aboard a salvage barge caused by faulty equipment and safety procedures.
$2.35 Million Deckhand Settlement: For a boat deckhand with a crushed foot injury caused by a moving deck hatch on a Vessel found unseaworthy and negligent.
$2.9 Million Wrongful Death Settlement: For a Jones Act deckhand killed as a result of defect in cable and winch.
$2.3 Million Cargo Ship Injury Settlement: For a ship’s pilot brain injury caused from negligent failure to provide safe exit from cargo ship.
$2.35 Million Ferry Boat Injury Settlement: For a ferry worker that suffered severe fractures to both legs from a defective mooring line.
$2.4 Million Jones Act Settlement: For arm and hand injuries to a fish processor caused by lack of training and failure to follow safety procedures.
$1.5 Million Tugboat Injury Settlement: For a Tugboat captain that suffered severe compound fractures of arm resulting in negligence in offloading crane from barge.
$1.7 Million Deckhand Settlement: For a deckhands brain injury caused by negligent design and welding of deck grating led to deckhand falling through deck.
$2.5 Million Fish Processor Injury Settlement: For a Negligent guarding of fish heading machine leads to amputation of fish processor’s hand.

Maritime – Jones Act Injury Statistics

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 672 people died from boating related accidents in 2010.
Open motorboats rank as the deadliest recreational watercraft with 230 deaths by drowning.
There are close to 13 million personal watercraft vehicles registered in the U.S.
More than 66% of deaths in boating accidents are caused by accidental drowning.
More than 90% of drowning victims from boating accidents were not wearing a life jacket.
Alcohol abuse is the single top contributing factor in fatal boating accidents with 21% attributed to the use alcohol.
50% of children that are killed in boating accidents die from drowning.
Each year in the U. S. an average of 103 people will die in canoe or kayak accidents.
14% of deaths occurred on watercraft where the operator had received boating safety instructions.
There are more than 1,300 vessel-to-vessel collisions each year in the U. S.
75% of all boating drowning victims died in while using vessels less than 21 feet long.
In 2008 boating fatalities in the United States was 709, a fatality rate of 5.6 deaths per 100,000 registered boats.