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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Compensation

The primary goal of a wrongful death lawsuit is to obtain compensation for the damages the bereaved family has experienced as the result of losing their loved one. In wrongful death lawsuits, damages refer to the financial losses the family may have sustained. Wrongful death damages and survival damages are the two types of damages that may be sought from the defendant. It is very important that the sum of these two types of damages be included in the wrongful death lawsuit in order to receive fair and reasonable compensation from the responsible party. Please find more information on this website here @ http://accident-lawyers-dallas.com/
Items related to the bereaved family members’ loss of their loved one are considered to be wrongful death damages. These damages can be sought by the loved one’s spouse, children, parents, or other dependents. There can be multiple parties seeking wrongful death damages in the same lawsuit.personal injury attorney - wrongful death law

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Wrongful death damages include:

Funeral expenses
Medical bills incurred before the death of the decedent
The monetary loss that was previously supplied by the decedent
Mental and emotional stress caused by the loss of a loved one
Loss of consortium is the loss of the unique love provided by only the decedent

Conversely, only the decedent’s closest living relative can seek survival damages. Survival damages can include damages the decedent would have incurred had he been able to survive the accident. In this scenario, both wrongful death and survival damages can be claimed by the same person just as long as the person is the decedent’s closest surviving relative. Further, only one person can seek survival damages. In these instances, the closest living relative is essentially taking the decedent’s place in the pursuit of survival damages. The order in which survival damages may be sought begins with the spouse followed by the children, parents, and siblings. Any or all of the following can comprise survival damages:

Medical costs before the decedent’s death
Property damage costs that may have been incurred
Lost wages
Loss of future earning capacity if the decedent had possibly suffered a long-term disability
The pain and suffering of the decedent
The decedent’s mental and emotional stress

To be sure that all plaintiffs are fully compensated for their loss, all the damages must be proven. When different plaintiffs are owed differing amounts of compensation, various legal strategies must be utilized in order to properly calculate compensation amounts. It is for this reason that legal representation of a highly skilled wrongful death attorney is sought. The Texas wrongful death attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to assist you with the task of ensuring that your family receives fair compensation for your loss.