Need an Experienced DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant Injury Lawyer?

The DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant is a metal-on-metal artificial hip system designed to replace hip joints that require surgery. DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implants have joint components that produce metal debris after continuos friction. Metal debris are small enough to enter into the blood stream and surrounding tissues, causing a multitude of health risks and have been linked to a high number of serious injuries.

The DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant is remarkably similar to the DePuy ASR Hip Replacement when used with the metal liner option, but only the DePuy ASR Hip was recalled from the market. Both Hip Implants caused similar health problems due to the metal content and have proved to be dangerous to hip replacement candidates. Both of these products were also approved to be sold on the market through an FDA loophole which required virtually no safety testing or clinical trials before being introduced to the public. Fortunately, the loophole has been closed to future metal-on-metal hip replacement devices.

The main issue with these designs is that they caused a degree of metal toxicity in the blood. One of the biggest risks involved with prolonged exposure to high levels of chromium and cobalt in the blood, is that they cause surrounding tissues to become necrotic. When the tissue surrounding a defective hip implant becomes necrotic, the patient will no longer be able to walk. Even if a defective hip is replaced with a better one, the damage to the tissue remains, as well as the inability to walk.

Common side effects and injuries associate with the DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant include:

Changes in Gait
Clicking Noises coming from the Hip
Difficulty Standing
Difficulty Walking
Groin Pain
Hip Pain
Hip Replacement Fracture, Degradation or Breakage
Joint Dislocation
Local Swelling
Loosening of the Joint
Metal Toxicity
Need for Revision Surgery
Nerve Damage
Painful Complications
Tissue Damage to the Region
Wrongful Death
If you or a loved one was given a DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant and afterward experienced serious side effects or health issues, you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact us immediately for a FREE DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip case evaluation. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your DuPuy Orthopaedics product-related injuries. Our team of Lawyers have experience in claims that involve defective medical devices, and they can help you today.

According to the Institute of Medicine, each year more than 97,000 annual deaths occur due to Medical Negligence.

In 2010 alone, 545 reports were made to the FDA regarding faulty DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implants.

Need a DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant Product Lawyer?

A personal injury caused by DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant can result in pain and suffering, thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical bills, repeated surgeries, permanent disability and possibly even death. If you or a loved one has been injured by a DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet Hip Implant after a hip replacement procedure, we can help you.

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